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Updated 3-12-2010


To        Sports Information Directors

            Media Representatives


From: G. John Bryant, Jr.

            Nazareth Racecam/The Focus


I represent the following companies Nazareth Racecam (a personal company) The Focus (a weekly newspaper) Deadline is Tuesday AM.

 I would like to bring your records up to date to help conserve cost at both ends.  My addresses are as follows:

             U.S. Mail:      G. John Bryant, Jr.       

                                    Nazareth Racecam/The Focus

                                    5760 Sullivan Trail

                                    Nazareth, PA 18064-9266


            Phone:             610-759-6536        

            Fax:                 610-759-8455




Web Site:


We have 24-hour voice mail


We want to remain on your list for future media releases.  At this point we have no preference on the way we       

receive data. 


           Very Truly yours,

           (Signature on Request)

               G. John Bryant, Jr.

           Sports Editor &:Travel Editor  Nazareth Racecam/The Focus

           Member Eastern Motorsports Press Assoc. -- Member American Auto Racing Writers  & Broadcasters Assoc.

              Member  of Indianapolis 500 Old timers Club